School services

We understand that mornings are hectic and afternoons are chaotic for the mums or dads on the school runs. Everyone is well aware of the crazy traffic on the roads nowadays, and reaching school on time can be quite challenging for many of us.

One of our primary goals is to make sure that your child is in safe hands; therefore, all our drivers are professionally trained, experienced and licensed. They drive within the city speed limits and are checked for their past employment record before hiring. We only assign top rated drivers to the school service, based on their history and client feedback.

Fox School Service program has been designed keeping you and your child’s safety in mind. There is one licensed driver for each contract, and it stays the same throughout. The name of the dedicated driver is communicated to the school as an added security measure. The drivers always arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time, so that there is no need to speed on the roads to reach school on time.
Whether you’re seeking a pickup service or a drop off service, or both, Fox will ensure that your child reaches home on time and safely every day.